Three Easy Fixes to Cure Detroit Lions' Road Woes

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Newsflash: The Detroit Lions have a problem winning on the road.

The problem is obvious but the solution may not be, here are a few suggestions I came up with:

The Lions should stay at a place like this until they win a road game (photo:

1. No more fancy-schmancy Hotels

The Detroit Lions are obviously too comfortable on the road. Stack four men into each room at a Best Western or Red Roof Inn and see if they play with a little aggression once game time hits. The perfect motel would be a place like one pictured here; there is just something very symbolic about the Lions staying at a motel that is “open during remodeling”.

The accommodations are sure to get the competitive juices flowing early. Can you imagine an NFL football team fighting for food at the complimentary continental breakfast? First two guys downstairs get control of the make-it-yourself waffle machines!

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