Scanning the Savanna

This daily feature has taken a couple different names over the last few months but I think I’ve finally settled on “Scanning the Savanna”. The name may have changed but the purpose remains the same: to save you time by collecting suggested daily Lions related articles into one convenient place.

Here’s all you need to know about the Detroit Lions running game this season: Rookie Jahvid Best has 345 rushing yards and 356 receiving yards.

The Detroit Lions should finally find out what the prognosis is for quarterback Matthew Stafford on Monday when he travels to Birmingham, Ala., to visit noted specialist Dr. James Andrews.

There aren’t too many more fans out there that want the Lions to win as badly as I do.

I have been a steadfast fan for 43 years. I’ve suffered through the cheapness of Russ Thomas to the ineptitude of Matt Millen. It ain’t easy being a Lion fan.

There’s a theory that nobody wants to play a winless team because they’re going to be incredibly desperate with a nothing-to-lose mentality and there’s also the fear of being the one team that actually loses to them.

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