Reports From Practice Suggest Shaun Hill Might Start Sunday

Lions fans working themselves into a fervor over the quarterback situation can begin to settle down. It looks like the Lions are doing everything they can to get Shaun Hill ready to make the start. The close of practice meant it was time for the beat writers to get to tweeting.

Tom Kowalski:

Shaun Hill takes No. 1 reps at practice – he’s handing off with left hand … still no snaps from center, but I think he’s likely starter

Dave Birkett:

Shaun Hill took No. 1 reps in the open portion of #Lions practice today. Handed off using his left forearm and took snaps from shotgun.

Chris McCoskey:

Hill took first QB reps. Even handed off left-handed. Still haven’t seen him take a snap from under center. Left arm wrapped up past elbow

Early reports suggest Hill has a ways to go but taking first team reps is a strong indication that the Lions aim to have Hill start their game in Buffalo.

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