Fantasy Wednesday Wishes Matthew Stafford Well

Start ‘em

RB – Jahvid Best – Buffalo has been getting torched on the ground this week. Best has yet to pile up great numbers on the ground but that could change against the Bills. Still, he’s a used enough in the passing game that he could be worth your while even if he doesn’t bust out.

WR – Calvin Johnson – Calvin got lost on Revis Island, but that happens to a lot of folks. He’s proven to me that he is in fact the elite receiver that we wanted him to be.

TE – Brandon Pettigrew – Pettigrew did well under Shaun Hill previously, and showed himself to be the top TE target even under Stafford. I would bet that Hill looks to his TE’s and RB’s on quite a few check downs this week.

DEF – Detroit – Buffalo’s offense is not particularly strong, and the Lions have shown time and again that they’ll always play tough. They’re not great at always getting stops, but their strong pass rush should aid in attaining good numbers against a sub-par foe.

Sit ‘em

QB – Matthew Stafford – The (unofficial) prognosis does not sound good. It’s probably time to cut him loose and search for another backup QB. Unless you’re playing me this week, that is.  In that case go ahead and start him; I’m sure the shoulder is just fine.

QB – Shaun Hill – He may have been worth a shot as a bye week replacement if he was healthy, but I’m not convinced he’ll make it through the entire game. One hit and he could also be on the bench for a while.

WR – Nate Burleson – Nate had a fantastic day against the Jets, but that was with a starting quarterback and a star receiver that was getting shut down. He could have another good game, but I’m just not confident in the QB situation this week.


Matthew Stafford should be shorted in your portfolio. His price has been falling fast all week, and it’ll fall even faster if word comes that he’ll be out for the year.

Player Position Price Earnings E/P
Matthew Stafford QB 86.15 75.35 87.46
Calvin Johnson WR 225.62 137.3 60.85
Brandon Pettigrew TE 128.61 78 60.65
Jahvid Best RB 256.23 151.3 59.05
Jason Hanson K 95.91 55 57.35
Tony Scheffler TE 87.85 46.05 52.42
Nate Burleson WR 123.55 60.3 48.81
Kevin Smith RB 71.67 32.1 44.79

CJ, Pettigrew, and Best are all still pretty good plays. Burleson should be on your watch list; he’d be deserving of a buy if he has another nice game. Look out for news on Hanson. If he’s expected to miss a lot of time, he could be worthy of a short position. Also keep an eye out for Kevin Smith. He’d be a good buy if he comes up with a decent-to-nice fantasy day.

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