Detroit Lions Add Quarterback Zac Robinson

With just one completely healthy quarterback on the roster, it was obvious they needed to make some sort of move. With a limited number of options available the Lions claimed former Oklahoma State quarterback Zac Robinson off waivers from the Seattle Seahawks.

Robinson was a member of the Seahawks’ practice squad until last week when he was activated because of an injury to Matt Hasselbeck.

It will be interesting to see if this ends up being just a roster filling move or if Robinson has any sort of future with the Lions. Third string quarterbacks are usually very young players that are seen as developmental projects. Drew Stanton no longer fits the profile of a typical third string quarterback and probably won’t be with the Lions next year. Zac Robinson might have the inside track to filling that role next year as the Lions will get an up close look ahead of the off-season.

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  • Brian

    Obviously the Lions had to make a move of some sort for a QB, but clearly this guy will never see a down.

  • Brian

    To add to my comment, why didn’t the Lions just cut Stanton and sign someone who has somewhat proven their selves. How much more of Stanton does the management in Detroit need to see before they figure out he will never amount to anything at the pro level. To quiet all the critics who say “Give Stanton a chance….” The guy had a chance to drive the Lions down for the win in both the Giants and Jets game.. didn’t happen. I ran out of patience with this guy as soon as the 44th pick was announced in 2007… yep only took one pick later.