What They're Saying About Lions Loss to Jets

When it was over, several Lions sat on their rumps, in middle of the field, as if they couldn’t believe what they’d just witnessed. But we could. Anyone who has watched this team over the years has seen some version of Sunday before, maybe not this bitter, maybe not this heartbreaking. But definitely … this.

The scene inside the Detroit Lions locker room should have been jubilant. Instead, coach Jim Schwartz huddled in one corner with his last remaining healthy quarterback, Drew Stanton, while rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh sat motionless, facing his stall, head hung, in quiet contemplation.

The Jets would be wise not to believe that what they accomplished against the Lions, still a bad team that has no idea how to win with a coach who made a horrible game-management decision, fixes all their problems and puts them back on the road to the Super Bowl.

Like a college student who waited until the last minute to study but somehow pulled an A, the Jets were a little cocky and a little sheepish after their comeback 23-20 overtime victory over the young Detroit Lions on Sunday.

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