Get the Latest SideLion Report Content on Your Phone

Fansided has just launched a new app available on iPhone, android, and blackberry phones. The app is fully customizable to bring you just the content you want from the Fansided blogs of your favorite teams.

Don’t get left behind on the web, get the Fansided app and be ahead of the rest. You won’t find these features in your mobile browser: – Instant alerts of news. – Like it on Facebook. It’s what everybody is doing. – Don’t just read, participate. Be part of the action by sending in your photos, videos, and stories. – Email your friends the sports news you find interesting. – Tweet up a storm about your favorite Fansided stories. – Hit the Hot Topics for finding all the hot news. – Read stories from around the Fansided network. Get your sports news delivered to your phone as only an app can do.

Also, don’t forget about the SideLion Report specific app on the android market.

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