Detroit Lions Announce Early Sellout of Game Against Jets

Lions fans are the best, plain and simple. The team has given fans so little payback over the last decade but fans continue to show their support. Last Sunday’s game against the Redskins wasn’t anywhere close to being a sellout yet just a couple days later the Lions have announced that they have sold out for the upcoming game against the Jets. That’s right, no blackout!

It would be easy to simply explain the sellout by pointing to a quality opponent coming to into town or the momentum brought about by last week’s win but Tom Lewand knows the explanation lies in the tremendous fan-base:

It’s a great testament to our fans, we’ve gotten great support from them all season. Even this past weekend when we didn’t have a sellout, it was loud,  they’ve been into the game they’ve given us a great home-field advantage and we couldn’t be happier that they’re responding by getting the game sold out earlier in the week.

There will be no waiting for Wednesday’s 1 p.m. deadline, no need for an extension, no need for a corporate donor to buy up the last remaining tickets.

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