The Lions are in a Better Place than the Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre's return to Minnesota hasn't gone as planned. (Photo:

Last week, Zac posted that he thought the Lions were in a better place than the Dallas Cowboys. I was reflecting on that sentiment as I watched the conclusion of the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots game. The Vikings lost the game and saw their record fall to 2-5. Detroit and Minnesota are now tied at the bottom of the NFC North standing, but I can’t help feeling that the two organizations are heading in opposite directions.

There’s really no shame for Minnesota in losing this particular game, they actually managed to stay competitive against a very good New England team, but they’ve really failed to meet any sort of expectations this year. What’s their signature win, the victory over 1-6 Dallas, or their triumph over our 2-5 Lions?

Both teams sit 2-5, and both teams have face a similar schedule. The combined record of Detroit’s opponents is 28-24, and the combined record of Minnesota’s opponents is 27-23. The difference, though, is that the Vikings have had “their guy” under center all year, and the Lions just now got Matthew Stafford back. Stafford’s return saw a four touchdown and one interception performance. In Favre’s last two games, he’s thrown one touchdown against four interceptions.

From where I’m sitting, the Favre situation is a mess. The guy’s old and banged up, and it appears that his abilities are rapidly deserting him. I just don’t think the Vikings wooed him back so that he could give them a 68 quarterback rating. Will Tarvaras Jackson be able to rescue this team? He may have to.

Maybe I’m just eating the cornbread, and I don’t mean to suggest that the Lions are a much better team right now (or even if they’re any better at all), but the Lions seem to be improving while the Vikings are stuck sorting out the pieces while in a stand-still.

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