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The best run I ever saw Barry put together off the field came a few years later. The media had just been let into the Lions locker room, and unlike virtually everything else in his life, Barry hadn’t anticipated this very well. I saw him quickly duck out of a side door and try to head for the players lot. I followed him out, desperately needing to talk to him, or so I thought. I burst through the same door that Barry did and there standing all alone in a small vestibule was Barry Sanders.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz sounded more like a baseball manager when he reviewed with his players a memo the NFL sent last week outlining stricter discipline for helmet-to-helmet hits.

The topic of his talk: A lower strike zone.

For the purposes of figuring out exactly what the Detroit Lions are, and what they might become, forget everything you’ve seen in the first six games. It starts Sunday.

Linebacker Deandre Levy practiced today. In other news pigs fly and Wayne Fontes will make the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Here’s something you haven’t heard lately, especially not this late in the season:The Lions still are in the playoff chase.

Look it up. Detroit, 1-5 record and all, trails the leaders of the NFC North (Chicago and Green Bay) by two games in the loss column with 10 games remaining.

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