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Millen was working one of his jobs on Monday night for ESPN. Though I didn’t see it, several readers tell us that Millen was extolling the virtues of Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware with the kind of hyperbole typically displayed by a certain towhead who participates in the calling of the Monday night games.

Vince Banonis, who was the starting centre for the Detroit Lions championship teams in 1952-53, has died at the age of 89.

The Lions probably won’t get to 8-8, especially with games against the Jets, Patriots, Cowboys, Packers, Vikings and Dolphins still remaining. But six victories aren’t out of the question if five things happen the next 10 weeks.

What was Barry Sanders? He was a lot of things to a lot of people, players and fans. His ability and his impact on the game on any given Sunday can’t be described in a hundred words, or a thousand words, or more. When you watched him you had to suspend belief because what you were seeing wasn’t possible on a football field.

Expectedly Unexpected. Commonly Unique.

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