Introducing "The Lion's Heart"


A true lionheart is courageous and brave. Joey Harrington did not exactly exemplify those qualities as a member of the Detroit Lions. While the poster to the right is a complete joke to fans that endured the Joey Harrington era, it did get me to do some contemplative thinking.

I really enjoy writing a blog. It allows me to express my thoughts about my favorite football team and interact with other Lions fans in a unique way. While there is nothing wrong with leaving it at that, I thought that I could do more with the platform I have been given. For that reason I have created a new tab just below the site’s title banner, The Lion’s Heart. Splitting the word “lionheart” apart yields a natural name for the page. It identifies us with the team we love and the heart symbolizes love and compassion.

Youth and school programs are seemingly cut or underfunded on a yearly basis and my hope is that this page can help link up the people that desire to help and some groups that could use it. I got the list started with a few causes I am familiar with and would love your input because I know the list should be much longer. Being a Lions site, I decided that pretty much anything involving the football field is fair game to be posted, please contact me to bring an opportunity to my attention. I know Detroiters, Michiganders, and Lions fans everywhere are generous people so help me in promoting this effort.

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