Are You a Displaced Lions Fan?

It is quite obvious that the Lions have some of the best fans in the NFL. While other cities faced blackouts Ford Field was sold out to see a game between the Rams and Lions, not exactly a marquee matchup. With a fan base that great it make sense that there are many out there that remain true to the Honolulu blue and silver in the midst of enemy territory.

If that sounds like you then I have some good news. DirecTV is looking for the ultimate displaced fan. The winner will receive a lot more than the title of ultimate displaced fan. The winning entry will receive the ultimate Super Bowl experience including two tickets to the game, a media tour on radio row, a flag football game with NFL-stars and celebrities, and a years worth of DirecTV service with 2011 NFL Sunday Ticket.

Last year’s contest was won by a Steelers fan living in Lexington, KY. Check out his video below:

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