Pontiac Silverdome Alive and Well, Take a Look Inside

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This past weekend I took advantage of an opportunity to check out the refreshed and re-opened Pontiac Silverdome. The dome played host to the Bands of America Pontiac Regional Championship, a showcase of some of the region’s top high school marching bands.

While I was truly interested in the event itself, I was very much looking forward to stepping foot in the Silverdome for the first time in five or six years. I remembered the decrepit condition the venue had fallen into in the years follow the Lions’ exit and hoped to see a dramatic transformation.

Fellow SLR contributor Matt and I made the trip together. As we made our way through the parking lot towards the ticket booth we noticed something very interesting. We can’t be sure how or why but we are pretty sure we spotted Matt Millen’s vehicle still parked in the Silverdome lot.

The style of the car certainly fits Matt Millen and its presence at the dome suggests that he never did make the move downtown to Ford Field. I suppose the failure of his administration makes sense in this light. Hard to run a successful operation if your support staff all moved downtown one week while you were still in central Pennsylvania. While the car still remains after Millen’s firing remains a mystery. Any ideas?

Must be the Millen-mobile (Photo: Zac Snyder/SideLion Report)

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  • Brian M.

    Thanks for the photo tour of the ‘Dome. Regarding the advertising signs: There are a few new signs which include Mountain Dew (on one of the smaller signs at the top corners of the stadium), Pepsi, and Budweiser.

    The History Channel and POH Medical Center signs are the same ones from when the Lions played there. A WXYT Radio “Team 1270″ sign is still there, but was covered up with what appeared to be a large white trash bag when I was at the Dome for the Home&Garden show on March 12. Another old ad that can be seen through a coat of black paint is for Ballpark Frank hot dogs with the tag line of “Dome Delicious”.