Lions Congregation: Viking Raid?

Thanks to Joshua over at Roar of the Lions, SideLion Report is part of what is called the Lions Congregation. Every week, he brings a panel of Lions bloggers the questions of you the readers. It is exciting to be a part of a solid group of writers and fans who share equal passion for our football team!

Here are this week’s questions:

1. Larry: being the typical mentally unstable Lions fan, I am pretty pleased overall with how the Lions have played and see them as being 1-1 in a season where I thought they’d win 6 games. Am I alone in this?

2. Favre and the Vikings are playing just plain Lions 2006 awful football right now. Will the Lions finally get that elusive road win thus week in Minnesota, or will the Vikings use the Lions to “get better” as they have so many times in the past?

My answers comes after the jump…

1. I gain some satisfaction in the fact that the things that were supposed to be improved have been and the weaknesses of the team have been the things we expected. It is another sign that the organization is heading in the right direction. They aren’t there yet, but they are on their way. The Millen-era left this team with too many holes to fill so quickly and so Mayhew has upgraded when and where he can. Next year’s draft figures to be heavy on defense with a prospect or two along the offensive line; that is the next step in solidifying the entire team.

2. My gut tells me that he Vikings will use this as a “get better” game but I’m not completely writing the Lions off yet. I told a couple Vikings friends of mine that something just didn’t seem right with the Vikings this year. They had a lot of drama leading into last year too but this year felt like a whole new level of dysfunction. If that truly is the case and Favre’s mobility is really as limited as it appears then the Lions might be able to steal the game. Even if Favre’s bum ankle is barking, I wouldn’t put it past him to use his quick release and knowledge of the offense to pick the Lions apart and neutralize their pass rush. The good news is that the Vikings will have to do more than simply show up to get their first win of the season.

You can read answers from each panel member at Roar of the Lions.

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