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The Vikings have won 12 straight games at home over the Detroit Lions, but if this year is any different, the Lions’ ability to get to the quarterback will be a big reason.

It took Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre 16 seconds to say one thing, completely contradict himself and be correct on both counts.

Favre, who will turn 41 in a couple weeks, was talking about the recent buzz that old age finally has caught up to him.

The Detroit Lions are looking around for guys who can bolster their defense, with five players visiting this week.

I’m not a big “must-win” guy, unless it’s actually a, you know, must-win situation. But if the Vikings let Detroit win at the Metrodome for the first time since 1997 … ooh, baby, it’s gonna get so ugly, Brett Favre may need six guys to retrieve him from Hattiesburg after the bye.

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