Slim Chance of Brandon Jacobs Coming to Detroit is Now Zero

It appears that Brandon Jacobs will be staying put (Photo:

Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was obviously frustrated following their blow-out loss last Sunday night in Indianapolis. Jacobs threw his helmet into the stands in anger, undoubtedly due to the combination of his lack of quality and quantity of playing time. Later, reports surfaced the Jacobs would demand a trade.

Lions fans began to wonder if Brandon Jacobs could help their team. The Lions have shown difficulties in picking up short yardage situations on the ground, a roll a 6′-4″ 264 pound back could certainly fill. I will admit that the thought intrigued me, too. The sticking point I had was with Jacobs’ base salary approaching $4 million. That is a large sum to pay for a guy you would be bringing in for situational duty, especially one that had issues regarding playing time with the Giants. Draft position and on-field production warrant a full time role for Jahvid Best. With the durability concerns looking like their were overblown, the need for a multi-million dollar Brandon Jacobs vanishes quickly.

If this was a game of Madden football then I would make a deal in a heartbeat. The problem is that acquiring Jacobs doesn’t seem to fit the pattern Martin Mayhew has established since assuming control over player personnel decisions. Mayhew’s trades have been for guys that are undervalued due to depth chart issues or scheme, not guys that simply want out of their current situation. Let’s not be so naive to think that a malcontent elsewhere will sudden find paradise in Detroit.

In the end, the discussion is for naught. Brandon Jacobs met with team officials today and released a statement saying he has not demanded a trade and has no plans to do so.

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