SideLion Report a la carte

The start of the regular season has made for some busy times here at the SideLion Report, especially considering way the Lions game in Chicago played out. The blog’s front page usually provides an easy summary of relevant topics but there is a tendency for some things to get buried as the week rolls on. To alleviate the congestion I have created the SideLion Report a la carte, a convenient place to pick and choose the content you might have missed during the past week.

  • Sunday: Losing is never fun, but the loss in Chicago was even tougher to take considering the way league technicalities defined the outcome.
  • Monday: The Morning Fix provided a myriad of reactions in the wake of week 1 and Matt broke down the actual NFL rule and how he still thinks it was a catch. According to the poll our readers seem to agree.
  • Tuesday: Tailgate Tuesday got you ready for the week 2 game against the Philadelphia Eagles with a recipe for miniature cheesecakes featuring Philadelphia cream cheese.
  • Wednesday: Matt gave us a review of Lions player’s performances in week 1 from a fantasy football perspective and provided an outlook for week 2.
  • Thursday: We looked ahead at the Lions matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles with some help of Eagles blogger Ryan Messick.
  • Friday: A high ranking person in the Lions organization finally acknowledged what we already knew, the call ruling Calvin Johnson’s touchdown and incompletion was

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