Lions Organization Finally Speak Out Against "The Call"

The Calvin Johnson no-touchdown left us all with the feeling of poo in our mouth, Bill Ford Jr. included. (Photo:

It still may not be the response fans are looking for, but someone from the Lions organization is finally speaking their mind in regards to the incomplete ruling that cost the Lions a potentially game-winning touchdown.

Bill Ford Jr. gave an interview to the Detroit Free Press yesterday and was quite blunt in his assessment of the call:

It was a touchdown. I saw it, you saw it.

The quote is short, simple, and quite reserved but it is nice to hear. I can understand Jim Schwartz’s reservation in speaking out against the call. He and his team have to move on to prepare for their game with the Philadelphia Eagles. Ownership, meanwhile, needs to show that these aren’t the same old Lions and won’t accept being treated poorly by the league. For the attitude surrounding the team to change it needs to start at the top. This is a start.

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