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After officials negated a near-TD by Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson in Chicago and flagged Jacksonville’s Kassim Osgood for an excessive celebration, Del Rio said officials need to use more “common sense” when they apply NFL rules.

It might have more legs if it were, say, the Cowboys or a New York team, but it’s just the Lions, so life goes on.

Now here’s what the rule, the interpretation, the blown call, whatever you call it, really means:

The Lions got some good news on Monday regarding the shoulder of quarterback Matthew Stafford. But it’s good news that wasn’t entirely unexpected.

So the rule must change, even if the change comes not to the rule that made Johnson’s catch not a catch. At a minimum, the “second act” exception needs to be articulated and acknowledged in the official rule book, so that all officials will know about and factor the “second act” exception into their assessment of every catch or non-catch.

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