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“They’re better,” said coach Lovie Smith. “When I say better, they’ve added some good personnel to the mix. Anytime you add a high pick defensive lineman and a first-round running back, that has to help quite a bit. Getting a player like Vanden Bosch who has a history in the league and has played at a high level, that has to help you quite a bit.”

There’s a collection of short stories on Jim Schwartz’s desk. That’s a first. I’ve met a lot of Lions coaches. None had a short-story collection on his desk (or, in most cases, literature of any kind), let alone one nominated for the National Book Award. The title is catching. It’s called “Like You’d Understand, Anyway.”

If there is one thing any Lions fan knows, guarantees NEVER end well with this franchise. Actually, they tend to go down in infamy. Just ask Jon Kitna and Lomas Brown.

We’ve shared our stories, we’ve shared our pain. We’ve passed around tales of glory and woe as freely as we’ve passed around mugs of cider. We’ve taken off our hats and gloves, we’ve lowered our guard, and we’ve warmed our hands and hearts around the blue bonfire together.

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