The Morning Fix

And if Suh keeps treating quarterbacks the way he did Delhomme, “Madden NFL 12″ might need to add a new rating category — viciousness.

Cyber quarterbacks beware. Suh is in the game, even if his agility is off by 999,923.

While the Lions will not be a good football team this season, they might be something they haven’t been in a very long time, save in the most morbid sense of the word: that is, compelling.

Burleson said he’s “100 percent sure” that the Lions will improve on their 2-14 record from last season, and he believes a 3-1 preseason record shouldn’t be discounted.
Last season, the Lions sold out only four of their eight regular-season home games. The year before that they sold out only three. This season it could be even worse, as USA Today reports that the NFL is projecting a league-wide decline in ticket sales.

QB Matthew Stafford, WR Calvin Johnson and RB Jahvid Best are a good, young nucleus to build around.

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