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The Lions simply aren’t ready for prime time. Stafford, Best, Johnson, and Pettigrew are a nice core, but they won’t get it done without a shocking improvement from the offensive line. As long as games can be won and lost in the trenches, Detroit won’t be a winner on either side of the ball. Suh is a nice piece to the defensive puzzle, but Detroit still has virtually no line depth. They need Williams to return to previous form, or it could be a long year for the rookie.

This concludes this full-price test of the emergency exhibition season. Had this been an actual game and Eminem and Jay-Z had not been performing next door, some fans might have shown up.

“Hope springs eternal, in the human heart; the September promise of a fresh restart. Alas, by October hope doth depart, as the Lions repeat the fall-apart.” I wrote that…well the first three words are from Alexander Pope, who wrote those famous words in 1733, which coincidently was the last year the Detroit Lions were in the playoffs.

Defensive tackle Landon Cohen, a seventh-round pick of the Lions in 2008, hoped to make it an easy decision for the Lions with his two sacks for a total loss of 13 yards. He also had four tackles, giving him 11 in the preseason.

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