Are You Ready For Some Live Blogs?

Join us as the Lions go up against these guys. Photo:

Cue Hank Williams Jr. and “all his rowdy friends.”

Football’s better when you can watch it with friends, especially as Lions fans. We need someone to complain to when the Larry Tharpes of the world get called for holding for the twelfth time in a game, when the Roy Williamses drop sure first down passes that hit them square in the hands, or when the John Joseph Harringtons throw tight spirals five yards behind their receiver (time and time again). Good times.

Unfortunately we can’t all get together as one big group to watch every game, but we can share our (few) joys and (many) sorrows together via the magic of the interwebs. For each game this year, we’ll set up a live blog for us all to get together and interact while we watch our Lions. We’ll also extend a standing invitation to the fans and bloggers of the opponents to join us and give us their perspective of the game.

Our first such live blog event will be this Saturday as the Lions travel a mile into the air to square off against the Denver Broncos at 9:00 PM EST. Even though we’re in the middle of preseason play, we thought we’d set up the software and give it a go. If you have a brain, like mine, that often forgets things, you can set up a reminder for yourself using the convenient little box below. It’s preseason for us bloggers too, so bear with us as we use the time to learn the software.

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