Brett Favre Continues to Cement Off-Field Legacy

Don't let the Wrangler Jeans commercials fool you; Brett is all about the spotlight. (Source:

It’s Favre o’clock somewhere which means it is happy hour in Minneapolis as Brett Favre has reportedly made his way back to the land of 10,000 lakes.

It should come as no surprise; we should have expected this sort of thing out of the league’s preeminent drama queen. Year after year we have seen him ride the fence and even burst out into tears, a strong reaction from a man who has never been able to let his yes be yes and his no be no.

Brett has taken a lot of heat, and rightfully so, but all football fans share in the blame as well. We feed the media monster that breaks from regularly scheduled programming to show video from a small Mississippi airport. The continuing Brett Favre saga has become America’s favorite soap opera.

This soap opera, like all others, is predictably scripted, even if we fail to realize what is coming next. When did Favre report to Vikings camp last year? August 18. What will tomorrow be? August 18. How convenient.

Favre and the Vikings can put whatever spin job they choose when it comes to the supposed recruiting trip that sent Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson, and Ryan Longwell to Hattiesburg, Mississippi; I won’t buy it. How many people considering large decisions receive visitors, listen to their pitch, and board a plane for a 1,000 mile flight the same day? Brett Favre would have you believe there is at least one.

Don’t expect an end to this story until all 32 NFL teams feel they are better without Favre. The Vikings current quarterback duo of Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson is less than inspiring and there is no doubt that the team will be better with grandpa Favre under center; there is no debating that but the constant coverage surrounding the uncertainty is tiring.

When asked about the situation Tarvaris Jackson said, “Honestly, I really don’t care.” I’ll follow that lead.

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