Lions at Steelers - 1st Quarter Review

Lions fans have waited over eight months to see their team back on the field and it appeared that the PGA Championship might delay the television coverage. Thankfully, the only things we missed was the opening kickoff as the coverage finally switched over.

Pressure from Kyle Vanden Bosch lead to an incompletion to stall the Steelers’ opening drive. The first punt lead to the first miscue when Derrick Williams signaled for a fair catch inside the five yard line. Not the kind of first impression he needed to make.

Jahvid Best showed a quick burst from his second carry but failed to pick up a first down in a short yardage situation in his third consecutive carry to bring the Lions first drive of the preseason to an abrupt halt.

Pittsburgh’s second drive showed just how improved the Lions defensive line really is. Cliff Avril planted Byron Leftwich to put the Steelers into a second and long and a QB hurry from Kyle Vanden Bosch ensured the Steelers would have no chance to pick up a first down. Big victory for the defensive line.

Matthew Stafford got his first interception out of the way. Probably plenty of blame to go around as he faced a pass rush his check down came in high and bounced off the hands of Jahvid Best. The defense looked solid again as they kept the Steelers to a field goal. Safety Randy Phillips looked good in run support.

Jahvid Best’s first rush outside the tackles was a perfect example of the kind of things he brings to the game that Kevin Smith simplay can’t. Best turned the corner rather easily for a first down. His spin move in the backfield to turn a loss into another first down.

Matthew Stafford looking accurate through the first quarter of play. Quarter ends with the Lions down 3-0 but threatening to put points on the board.

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