Don't Even Let the Darrelle Revis Daydreams Begin


Hey Lions fans, don’t even let yourself dream about it. The Darrelle Revis contract situation could play out in a number of ways but don’t expect the end of the story to have anything to do with the Detroit Lions.

The All-Pro cornerback is holding out rather than reporting to camp to play for his scheduled $1 million salary, a paltry sum for one of the league’s top defensive backs.

It seems as though the New York Jets are more than willing to give Revis the significant bump he deserves. Disagreement remains as to just how significant that bump should be. Gary Myers of the New York Daily News reports that the two sides are $40 million dollars apart. The Jets want to agree on the total dollar amount before moving on to discuss guaranteed money while the Revis camp is looking for a little more security.

The news about the difference in dollars and a statement from owner Woody Johnson saying that his gut feeling tells him that Revis will not play for the Jets in 2010 is sure to set off a storm about trade possibilities. Ask any Lions fan about the team’s biggest need and the secondary is sure to be mentioned quickly. Considering where the Lions have been drafting the last decade or so they should be able to put together a nice package of picks that could be attractive to the Jets.

Could and would are worlds apart. While a deal could make sense, it likely won’t happen. The first and most important reason is that Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum has been adamant that the team will not trade Darrelle Revis.  On top of that, the Lions management recognizes that solid organizations are built through the draft. Parting with high draft picks (which will likely land players at much lower rates under a new collective bargaining agreement) in order to turn around and spend a ton of cash on a player isn’t consistent with the plan that Martin Mayhew and company have been following.

If the Lions were a shutdown corner away from a Super Bowl then we might have a discussion. We all know that isn’t the case. Sure, I would love to see Darrelle Revis line up in the Honolulu blue and silver but I know that his addition would mean a departure from the path that is building the Lions towards respectability.

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