2010 Training Camp Countdown: 5 Days

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The week of training camp has finally arrived as there are just 5 days remaining until the 2010 Detroit Lions hit the field. To me, the upcoming season can’t be considered positive without at least 5 wins.

The NFL is no longer a league that requires lengthy rebuilding processes. Well picked draft choices in an era of free agency means that any rebuilding plan of more than three or four years is conceived in incompetence.

Unfortunately for Martin Mayhew, Tom Lewand, and Jim Schwartz, their year one began with a squad that resembled something like an expansion team without the benefit of an expansion draft. There were signs that this regime finally understood how to conduct a draft and young players had the opportunity to show flashes that suggested brighter times could be ahead.

A time will come (soon) when flashes of potential will have to turn into results. We will not see a finished product this year but fans will need tangible signs that this team is better this year and will be better in subsequent years to avoid a collective “hear we go again”. I don’t care where they come from or who they come against but 5 wins is a must to show me that brighter times are ahead.

The Countdown rolls along: 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6

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