Lions Rank Above Bears in first Peter King Power Ranking

For Detroit Lions fans, the oppurtunity to rub things in to other NFC North fans does not come often. Check that. It probably has never happened in the ten years.

Sure, we can poke at the Rex Grossmans of the world. We can laugh at the Brett Favre Sagas. But for every Rex, the Lions have experienced Ty Detmer. When it comes to Brett Favre, Detroit hasn’t seen that caliber of a quarterback in uniform since the great Charlie Batch Bobby Layne (Let’s hope Stafford is that guy).

The Packers, Bears and Vikings have all been equally competitive within the last decade. The Bears and Vikings have been to recent super bowls. The Packers are a favorite to win the Super Bowl yet again.

And for once the Lions are picked at this point to finish better than an inner-division team.

In Sports Illustrated columnist Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback, King unveiled his very first power rankings of the season. Last year, after selecting the Bears to win the NFC, the much loved writer has ranked the Bears 25th. That’s one spot lower than our beloved Detroit Lions.

You can now exhale. Really….. let the hot air out and scream.

The Vikings rank 13th on King’s initial go at it, and King calls the Vikings a, “On the Bubble” playoff team. Of course King mentions the notion that things will change if Brett Favre is at the helm of the offense.

Here’s what King has to say about the Lions:

If the Lions were in the NFC West, they might win it this year. They’re making significant progress — assuming Ndamukong Suh is the genuine item and Kyle Vanden Bosch has something left.

Wait what? The Lions could win a division? The Lions could be .500 or above? The Lions are getting some respect above the 30th ranking? Either the world is about to end, or the national media is starting to recognize the significant changes happening in player personel. They are also starting to repsect what current management is capable of.

A number 25 ranking.

Okay, I’m not going to hide my excitement. How often do we Lions fans get to have optimism to start the season? The organization is starting a new decade, and optimism means 6 or seven wins. It means not finishing last in one of the toughest divisions in football. It’s about playing a respected game every single Sunday.  

At least for now.

So even though pre training camp rankings mean nothing, it is encouraging this Monday to know that somebody believes we can win football games (in a weak division) puts a smile one the face of an over optimistic fan awaits the upcoming season.

At least until August, we have something to stick it to those Vikings, Bears, and Packers fans.

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