Detroit Legend Ernie Harwell Dies at the Age of 92

I’m watching the Red Wings game and boom, they noted it right after the period break.
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
I will always remember Ernie as I used to enjoy Tigers games with my Grandmother and she imbued me with her love of his legendary candor.

Our man took it all in stride when he announced that he had cancer (pancreatic duct cancer I think it was?) and that he had a wonderful life and had decided to just run it out; cancer treatment will kill you at his age anyway… Hell, cancer treatment killed my Grandpa in his Sixties. Our thoughts and love for the Harwell family; Nothing to be sad about, that’s not what Ernie would want, he would want you to live everyday to its fullest and treat it as a gift just like he did.

On Behalf of Joe Dexter, John White, myself and all the other Fansided broadcasters, we thank Ernie for everything he’s contributed to the medium and for all the inspiration he’s given to the people of Detroit.

I’m gonna head over to Nemo’s for a cold one, look over to what’s left of Tiger Stadium and soak in all those memories. Thanks Ernie!

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