Down To The Final Four (NFL Draft that is)...


“At the end of the day,” Mayhew said, “Jim and I sit down, and it’s just us, and I make a decision.”

Assuming the Rams draft Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford No. 1 overall, as most analysts expect, the Lions likely will draft a defensive or offensive tackle at No. 2.

The Lions confirmed only four pre-draft visits by posting stories on their official Web site. The prospects were Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma State offensive tackle Russell Okung and Oklahoma offensive tackle Trent Williams.

So if it really is between those four, if there really isn’t a deal on the table (and that remains to be seen… If Bradford signs the night prior, teams that are desperate for a QB to develop are going to start putting together packages THAT NIGHT and Mayhew’s phone is going to be ringing off the hook), then we see four possible solid building blocks on either side of the ball. You go defense, McCoy has the frame size that long term will render him a monster and Suh has the finesse, power and speed right now out of the gate. I like both; I think they take Suh over McCoy, the young man had a KILLER combine. You go Offense, both are solid players that held the O-line against powerful college opponents and both would make for a solid investment to protect your 80 million dollar baby at the QB spot. It’s simple really. The Lions are in a can’t lose position. You pick at 2, you get a great player. You trade down, you get, not necessarily elite players, but you get an extra something or other and a solid building block to solidify any position really. Look at the quality they got out of Delmas in the early 2nd! It’s there, you just have to pick right. Running off of last year, the Lions can finally pick right; it took a lot to trust them, but the proof is in the pudding and Mayhew put together a damn good draft last year. He was right, I was wrong; Didn’t trust them. Now I have to, he’s developing a track record.

It’s gonna be a fun Draft to watch.

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