Steelers Baffle Me; Let's Congratulate the Red Wings

Trade Santonio Holmes for a box of cholocates and a keg of beer. Or a 5th Rounder. For a Superbowl All Star. WOW. D-Nabb goes for dirt too. I don’t think I’ll ever really grasp this NFL… I guess it just goes to show the value of the draft. It explains why drafting bad in the first round 6 of 7 years leads you to the worst team in history… Still… If they are going to do Holmes like that, what about Big Ben? The guy clearly puts himself in bad situations, whether it be with grilled cheese crotch skeeze bags or riding around in a motorcycle without a helmet, the guy is a ****ing moron. So then there you are… You can’t say this stuff doesn’t create problems when you’re trying to make a cohesive camp. You can’t say it doesn’t degrade focus, bullplop, this stuff makes media more annoying and practice more frustrating. You can’t be a leader if you’re not pulling your weight and that includes making the team look good.

Now lets give a litte bit of love to our Wed Wings (beers on me!)

Longest playoff streak in pro sports, sterling silver team, darling reputation and no rape/drunk driving/hand gun bull ****.
GO WINGS! Beat Phoenix, I say in 5.  Sharks Fans, Enjoy your first round Choke.

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