Judge To Charles Rogers: You Owe the Lions $6.1 Million Chucky

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U.S. District Judge Julian Cook ruled in the Lions’ favor on Monday after a 45-minute court hearing in Detroit.

The Lions sued Rogers last September for failing to comply with a 2008 arbitrator’s ruling that he repay the money. Rogers was suspended for four weeks in 2005 after testing positive three times for an unspecified substance. He was cut from the team the following year.

Lions attorney Thomas Bruetsch wouldn’t comment on the decision and neither would the Lions. Rogers’ lawyer, Michael Cafferty, didn’t return calls.

Rogers argued that his contract with the Lions didn’t specify how the unearned portion of the bonus should be calculated. He said he owed $305,882 for the 4 weeks he was suspended.

The Lions said he owed the balance of the 7-year signing bonus from the date he failed to play or practice with the team.

Rogers has a history of substance and alcohol abuse.

He was sentenced to 93 days in jail in January for probation violation after Novi police found him slumped over a table at a Novi restaurant. He was put on probation after Novi police found him passed out behind the wheel of vehicle in September 2009.

OH Chucky Rogers, how far you’ve fallen. So with that settled, The Lions successfully imposed a judiciary victory on the former no. 2 overall draft pick. This is really just an F you though… I don’t think there’s much of that money left and its not like Charles is ever going to achieve that kind of income in his life ever again. Can’t squeeze blood out of a stone(r), right? yuckyuckyuck.

Rogers celebrates a touchdown

PS, How’s the new look for you? I’m getting used to it myself, relearning where the hell everything is again. We’re counting down to the draft here, getting ever so close to it. The speculation is just going wild. I literally have no clue what the Lions are going to do with the no. 2 overall. I think anything could happen, and if the QB’s get hyped up enough and the Rams take Bradford off of the board at no. 1, with so many teams in desperate need of a QB there could be a blockbuster deal going down on day one. Probly not Eli Manning big, but it could really set the Lions up to get a solid player in the top ten (with so many needs, we really can’t do wrong here) and get an extra grab in the late first/early second rounds. For serious guys, the Lions are acting like a REAL Football team. None of this Millen goofy smoke and mirrors crap, they have taken an offseason and really shored up the team with solid role players that could send us… Dare I say it… Near .500 for for the first time in forever?

I’m starting to expect wins here… I’m thinkin’ with the pieces in place and a first and second round pick that turn out to be legit playmakers, the Lions should win at least 7 games! A good seven games too, not that piece of crap seven wins from a couple years ago where we limped 1-7 down the second half of the season… I want to see consecutive wins too. They haven’t strung together 2 wins in so long, I want to see some consistency.

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  • Remembering_Greg_Landry

    Kevin, please put down the crack pipe. .500? I think not. Let’s get realistic here. .500? Maybe in the Big 10. Seriously, that would be nice in a couple years, but I’m not ready to dram just yet.

  • Remembering_Greg_Landry

    Sorry, dream just yet.

  • Kevin Ferguson

    I’m drinking the Blue and Silver Kool Aid!

    Look… I like all these moves they’ve made. They have patched up a lot of the Millen/Marinelli damage in the last 1 1/2 Years. SO… If these moves look good, i’m not going to make too many apologies. I expect wins now. And if we don’t get them, the moves were bad.

    I was wrong about the draft… Why? Because I didn’t trust them, and for good reason. Why should I? Mayhew showed us he can put together a draft; so we owe him the benefit of the doubt here. He really isn’t tied to Millen… It looks good on paper… I mean… W/L’s will tell the true tale, I know, but even though I’ll probly regret it, I’m going to stand up for the team on this one. I said Stafford will be Mayhew’s Legacy, good or bad. Right now, I think it looks pretty good.

  • RememberingGregLandry

    Potential only goes so far. You’re probably right that Mayhew’s legacy is tied to Stafford, but he did get the snot pounded out of him last year. Pettigrew didn’t finish the season and I’m not sure his knee problems aren’t more than anyone’s letting on. Delmas looked good, and I’ll agree the draft looked much better than normal Lion’s drafts. But we still finished 2-14 and lost to the Rams? WTF?

    I just think we are measuring the Lions against the LIons which would be OK if we played ourselves 16 times, but we have to play against the rest of the NFL and that ain’t beanbag.

    I wanted wins last year. I want wins this year. Will we get any? After 40 plus years of Kool Aid, I’m just not giving these guys the benefit of the doubt anymore.

    Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

  • http://sidelionreport.com Kevin Ferguson

    Its a solid argument. You’re right and you deserve your aspersions; I got to interview Matt… There is an energy. The National Media loves this kid; It’s the first time the nation has paid attention to the team since tony saragusa (SP?) called Harrington a fag (well… Champagne and strawberries, which are gender neutral in my opinion, but the subtext was “you play piano and blow guys”)… Stafford put up similar numbers to Sanchez, and the Jets are way way way wayyyyyyy further down the road than us. I’ve done 2 years of negative; I’m Tired. let’s roll guys! WIN SOME ****ING GAMES.

  • http://msn.com Russel

    Forget Rodgers,
    M. Millen owes the Lions fans much , much more.
    Mr. Millen: How about donating a ticket to Detroit area Pop Warner football players for every dollar Mr.Rodgers owes. You could call the section Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
    Your generous donation will fill the stadium and end blackouts ! Michigan might call it even.