Shaun Rogers Pleads "Not Guilty" to Felony Weapons Charge

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He’s apparently trying to sell his Michigan home and is thus traveling back and forth from Cleveland…

I just simply don’t understand NFL athletes (NBA ones too) and guns. DUI’s too. Dude, Shaun, you’re rich. You make a lot of money. You can hire people for this. You can hire one single guy… a guy that will say, ‘hey Shauny boy, dude, we’re going to the air port. You can’t’ bring a gun with you’. Or if you’re that paranoid, how about driving down there? Have that guy you hired drive you and you can nap in the back. Or watch a movie. Or get hammered and you won’t get a DUI because that guy is driving; It’s his job. YOU CAN AFFORD IT. WHY WHY WHY?

It baffles me to no end when people with these vast economic resources do stupid crap like this. Now to be fair to Shaun, the story notes that the gun was in the safety position and in a proper locked gun case. So intent-wise, this could be a legitimate accident, he wasn’t doing something incredibly stupid; He just spaced. Granted with something that is pretty damn serious, but I’m sure if Kwayme Kilpatrick can get away with this, Shaun can too. Some fines? Gun safety classes? I mean, you don’t deserve a felony or a nasty plea down for an accident where the weapon was properly stored and confiscated in a state where there was no way it could hurt anyone. We gotta give him that, right?

Still… Shaun, for godsakes, HIRE IT DONE!

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