SLR Podcast Special Edition: Jennie With AXE

It’s slow goings until the Draft so I lined up a special guest; As I’m sure you know I scored and interview with Matt Stafford from the people on the AXE Hair Action committee… Jenny is in charge of the social networking media aspect of the product. It was just an interesting chat, no hardcore sports talk at all actually… Come to think of it, I should have had her fill out my NCAA Bracket. Hindsight… LOL.

and HERE are the AXE challenge videos we were talking about


And the Bloopers Reel


and look who else I found

Here’s her facebook page

or you can reach her at 867-5309 (LOL, no you can’t.)

(Song is Tommy TuTone if you don’t remember that name…)

We’ve got some changes coming down the pipeline to guys, the sites going to look different, check out for a preview of the new look. SLR Podcast draft edition will be up this weekend, hope you didn’t over indulge last night and have a great weekend.

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