Larry Foote Wants To Get Back To a Winner

I really didn’t see the value in him and I didn’t trust that deal at only one single season. I called him the Steelers Trash and it pissed a lot of people off; All I can tell you is that when we went 0-16, our defense sucked. And last year after we signed such a “Big Time Free Agent” like Foote, our defense sucked.

Was he better than anything we had at the time? Yes. But that’s like being the prettiest waitress at Denny’s. Just because you’re the best in this little pool here, it doesn’t make you good. Cap victim my ass. He was done and the Steelers knew it.

We need young starters; They don’t have to be the best in football at their position, they just need to do their job and not be at the ceiling of their development. That brings me to the other thing, that trade with the Texans. Great Move! You give up a late draft pick for a guy that is only 25, so he has a few years to get better and develop yet I feel his talent level is much higher than anyone we could have drafted at that point of the draft. Yet another good job by the Lions.

uh-oh! I think I’m drinking the kool-aid guys…

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  • Tony

    Dude, are you serious? Do you even follow the Lions? They didn’t make a trade with the Houston Texans, they traded for Chris Houston from the Atlanta Falcons. How hard is that to understand?

    Also, Larry Foote was the best available veteran option for our team last season, we needed someone because we weren’t sure if Levy could handle the MLB position as a rookie. Well, Levy blossomed and we no longer need Foote. For some one who was screaming about wanting to win now, I never understood why you didn’t like that move. In fact Pittsburgh thinks he’s so washed up, they brought him in for a visit this past week.

    I like your blog, simply because it is such an amusing clusterfluck…you never seem to know what the hell is going on and are inconsistent in your opinions. Keep it up!

  • Kevin Ferguson

    lol, whoops.

    that’s an honest mistake.
    I’m hurried as of late and ****ed that up.
    Look dude, this is not a paid gig. I do this because i like football. Someone quit where I work so Myself and my co-workers are killing ourselves to cover the slack.

    that said, Foote sucks. If Pitt takes him it will be a for dirt deal.

    and inconsistent? I mea-copa’d on Stafford.
    I was wayyy wrong on that one. I hated that pick. Why?
    Because I don’t trust them. And why should I? In retrospect, matty staff’s is looking like the best guy for our franchise.
    when was the last time the lions knocked out a kick ass draft?
    I expect failure. They’ve spent 8 years making moves that are terrible.

    did you listen to the interview?

    If you really want to nail me down, guest on the blog. Talk about what an Idiot I am. Come on the podcast and rail on me.
    Jay Schmidt is MIA and you’re more than welcome to apply.

  • Tony

    Sorry I was tough on you. I came across pretty douchetastic.

    I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at doing some blogging and may take you up on that some time.

    As far as not trusting the Lions, I understand where you are coming from. that said, I know it takes years, to determine whether a draft was really good, but I would look at last years draft, in the short-term obviously, and say it was really good. I would say it has the potential to be an incredible draft. Franchise-changing in fact. We got either position depth or impact from nearly every pick. Even Murtha and Gronkowski got picked up and placed on NFL rosters off our practice squads. No wasted picks!

    I had my suspicions about Lewand/Mayhew because of their association with Millen, but they are slowing fading, because they are making calculated and wise maneuvers. It seems there is a plan, something Millen never had, unless throwing shit at a wall and seeing what would stick is considered a plan.

    If things get worse, some how, after this season, I will be the one with a mea culpa…lets hope that’s not the case though.