Is everyone Enjoying The Olympics? Men's Figure Skating : No Thanks. Hot Women's Curling Though Maybe?

There really hasn’t been a damn thing going on sports-wise with NBA & NHL off and NFL done. I thought I would be enjoying the Men’s hockey in the Olympics a little bit more.. but honestly with the NHL rules/rink size in play, it feels like its just a roster scrambling; It has yet to really grab me.
I’m not an X-games kinda guy too, so the snow boarding does nothing for me and I’ve never really been into the skiing aspect;
So what’s left? Curling?
The Russian and British team had some really hot chicks. Team Canada has this smoking hot brunette cougar and their opponent Germany has to cuties along with this blonde that might be a guy.

I don’t have screen caps, so I googled hot curling chicks.

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