Matt Stafford And AXE Want You To Get Some Hair Action! (Awesome Contest Inside)

Sometimes here and there I’ve gotten the opportunity to promote stuff and get swag to give away to my readers. The keychains were pretty cool, but I’ve passed on a few of them (the “we are terrible” towel. Great Idea, bad execution), this one is so friggin’ smokin’ hot I’m really excited to be able to offer it to ya’ll, the sidelionreport readers/listeners.

We’ve all seem the pictures, I’ve actually argued on behalf of Matt that he has the best parties with the hottest chicks (I think we were debating him vs. Cutler vs. Orton, Matt wins hands down), so we know he likes to have fun. Play hard on the field, party hard on your down time, ENJOY YOURSELF DAMMIT!

AXE and Matt want you to have fun and look good doing it, so they sent me these awesome adventure kits to give out:

A snappy carry-all, AXE Shampoo, Styling Paste and Putty and A ‘FLIP’ VIDEO DIGITAL RECORDER

Yeah, the hottest new party toy will be yours.

It’s a good product too, at the risk of sounding metro I actually use it. The paste is as good as the stuff you would get at a salon for like 3x the money. I’m serious, I’m not even shilling this just because of the promotion, the product is of very respectable quality.

See why I’m pretty excited about this? AXE and my guy Jake are hooking me up with an interview with Matt Stafford too, I hope I can put together something decent for ya’ll.

So readers, Please send Questions for Matt Stafford to [email protected]

Or call 206-426-6642 and leave a voice mail (fixed the not working voicemail issue guys, sorry about that)

Getting down to business:

So how can you win this sexy adventure pack?

2 ways:

1.) I want to know why you need it. Send a picture of YOUR terrible hair. NO, not something off of, it’s GOTTA BE YOU.

2.) Show me why AXE helps your game. Send me Product Shots of you with hot chicks fondling your hair. The Hair on your head guys… lol. Again. GOTTA BE YOU.

You can send videos too, just upload them to youtube or something and send a link to [email protected]

They sent me more than one so there will be more than one winner, I haven’t decided how long I’m going to space it out though.

Winner or not, you can join the facebook AXE page and Matt will be issuing challenges for you to participate in through the coming months. You can win a trip to any sporting event of your choice!

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