After One Half Of Play In the AFC Championship, What Do you Think Of Sanchez And Manning?

Let’s face it, Sanchez and Stafford will be forever linked as no. 1 and no. 2 and thus the comparisons will haunt them throughout their career.

The Jets look STRONG. Not just the vicious defense, the rookie QB is popping out some long and accurate passes that are leaving the Colts D burnt. And yet, they aren’t killing them…

For how one sided this game has looked, its only one single score separating the two. Manning showed us how dangerous he is when you give him some time, they put one in the end zone in a handful of passes.

The Colts spent too much time trying to establish the run. For every other team in every other situation, I agree with this philosophy, but you don’t have Peyton ****ing Manning in every situation. In this one, You DO. Let the man put it in the air and get the book closed on this cinderella story.

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