Brett Favre Looks Like a Golden God Against the Cowboys ; Championship Games Are Set

Don’t know about you but I’m officially a Colts fan. Peyton is the man, he is the best quarterback in pro football, Brees is second.
Brady has fallen off, I assume its the God Complex kicking in. He used to be a cool and collected pocket passer that would take his time and make the right decision everytime. He was forcing plays last week like a rookie. It’s as if his career is going the opposite on a time line. He’s regressed. The Era of New England dominance is clearly over. See ya around you jack asses, everybody hates you and now you’ll have to settle for runway models instead of super models. It’s a tough life, I know.

Colts looked strong and played tough in the face of a vicious combination of smash mouth offense and ‘you ain’t gettin shit’ defense.

I’m not going to refer to the Jets as Cinderella like everyone else however… They are a good team and they deserve to be there. Their biggest problem last year was Brett Favre. Sanchez listens, he shuts up and hands off the ball.

I was hoping for a Favre meltdown… Sadly we didn’t get one. He infact shined like a golden ****ing god of football. Did you see that first touch down pass? Jesus god it was perfect. Can the Saints beat the Vikings? I simply don’t know. It’s anybody’s game.

As for the AFC I’m favoring the Colts. The Jets have offensive lulls and the Colts defense is decent enough to slow them down. Get in the rookie’s head and make Sanchez give the game away. The Jets can mix up their blitz packages and shut down the Chargers good offense, but I don’t think they can replicate that success agains t a PROLIFIC offense commanded by the best Quarterback in the NFL. Go Peyton!

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