What is Going On With College Coaching?

Lane Kiffen takes a job with USC…
After finishing 7-6 with Tenn…
After being fired by the Raiders for a 4-12 season…
PORQUE? How is this guy getting these jobs?
He has managing to fall UP
After what has been poor to mediocre work, he has landed the sterling silver coaching gig at USC, barring the fact that Carrol ran a dirty ass program and the hammer MAY come down.
MAY as in probly not that much. Why? NCAA sucks. Same cowards that support the BCS that put Boise State playing TCU. Why? Because when Boise embarrassed the Sooners in one of the greatest college games I’ve ever had the joy of witnessing.

I can’t even hold it against Kifin. He clearly wasn’t fitting in at Tenn, or he just plain hated it there and decided SoCal was the better opportunity. An 850k buy out is chicken scratch. To a coach, this is the university saying “we don’t value you that much”. Nick Saban… Larry Brown… Now Kifin.
Right and Wrong are concepts. You can say that leaving Tennesse after 14 months is wrong… but he can do it. All he has to do is the buy out. Tenn didn’t cover their bases; or they felt it spurious that this arrangement would work out. Right or wrong? Neither. Power is the ability to do. Kifin saw the chance and took it.

The world of college football and the coaching turnaround is absolutely wacky. I really hate how schools are allowed to poach talent before they even coach their players in the schools bowl game… I just feel that that’s wrong. And it happens alot! its just so seedy. Agree to terms but finish out your season… not for you, but for your seniors. Especially the ones that aren’t going to be able to play at the next level; give them their last hurrah, they’ve given you their entire college career and you OWE them that.

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