Are You Having A Happy Holiday?

Drive here, drive there, then drive back here and get ready to go to this other house in the morning. All in all good friends and wonderful company.
Bought a new dishwasher too! Installed it myself so I’m feeling pretty manly.
I’ve only had my net book the past week and typing on it is bothersome.
Things are quiet Lions-wise. I mean what is there to say? They don’t win in frisco and this Sunday was no exception.
Do you remember when the media asked Jim Collet about starting Stanton and he replied that the coaching staff ‘didn’t want the kid embarassing himself’?
Yeah. Waste of a second round pick, yet another Matt Millen blunder left behind to tie up our cap space. He didn’t even look like a viable second or third stringer after a decent first drive. That was it, it was TERRIBLE.

Bears coming up. I might knock out a podcast on New Years Day… I might skip this week and do something after we lose to the Bears. Whatever, we’ll see.

Have a safe and happy New Years.
when in doubt, GET A CAB. Alright? Later ya’ll.

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