SLR Podcast: Brittany Murphy, Arizona Cardinals Barely Beat The Detroit Lions and I still Love Curtis Granderson as a Yankee

SLR podcast, Arizona Cardinals edition….
plus, Goodbye Brittany Murphy

so cute. so young. addiction is a bitch of a monster and it will consume and destroy you. Coke and Heroin ruin lives.. only 2 things addicts will do consistently is Use and Die. They lie alot too. So I guess that’s three. Sorry, I’ve lived that in my family, it sucks to see someone you love waste away like that. It’s a really helpless feeling. I hate to see it happen to artists that I enjoy so much. Not gonna make the King of The Hill movie now and that’s beyond sad. Goodbye Britts.
I hope I look like a jack ass in the end of this, but 32 and heart failure = drugs. I’ve seen ugly like this in my own family, it takes its toll on everyone. I seriously hope I’m wrong, but that’s probly not the case.

Anyway, Another SLR Podcast!

Lions lost to the Arizona Cardinals at the last minute (sorta) and the Browns take on Holmgreen. Good Luck!

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