SideLionReport Podcast: Detroit Lions Beat The Cleveland Browns and an Interview With Dan From, a Browns / NFL Fansite

Lions fans, who understands you?

Browns fans. Really. They get it. They know how to appreciate a comedy of errors. Again and again and again.

I interview Eagles guys… Steelers guys… Panthers guys… They just don’t understand. They don’t know what it’s like to constantly snatch defeat from the clutches of victory. WE DO! Kindred brethren we are. It turned into a pretty good podcast so let’s get to the point!


Or you can download it HERE

Show Notes:

Check out Dan and his other bloggers at

The noise in the background? Not me shuffling papers… the dog got a hold of a lint roller thing and he was giving that poor thing its last rights.

IMG_0588Nibbler 1 – Lint Roller 0

Music is Shiny Toy Guns “Don’t Cry Out” off of We Are Pilots

Later Ya’ll, thanks for downloading

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