Detroit Lions vs. Cleveland Browns; Last Minute Antics Leave The Lions Winners Of The Terri-Bowl

I stand by last minute antics.

Sadly, I had to listen to it on the radio. All my usual online traps were not streaming this game and even now at 1am mon. morning I can’t find the game to stream on

very frustrating. Kinda wish I’d gone to the game. Nice finish.

The Browns suck. Lets just get that out there. They are terrible. and we gave them a lot of points.

We suck too. But it’s okay, we won! HOLY FRIGGIN’ HELL WE WON!

This was very necessary, we needed to not draft top 3-4

Oakland winning complicates this however… a LOT actually.

That said, I haven’t been able to watch the game yet. SUCKS. so before I get a hold of it and check it out and do the podcast, I just want to make one point, ONE THING that I really took from this game and what I feel about it.

I feel good. NOT just because it’s a win, but because 2, count them, TWO Lions drafted Rookies were the clinchers for the game.

Cleveland was winning, yet remembered that they were a terrible team and did 2 things:

pass interference  on a hail mary (EL * OH * EL)

Call a time out on a 0:00 desperate goal line last chance play.

1 gave us the chance to win, 2 gave us the time to get stafford back in and let him do his thing.

Stafford finds Pettigrew and boom cleveland, you roasted.

This is what I want. This is what I haven’t seen. Tough, gritty character. Yeah, Cleveland sucks, but we’re building something here, we’re trying and we’re not going to give up ever, no matter what.

They showed me that. They went down 21 to 0 and took the game from the Browns on the last play of the last second. Lucky? Maybe. Tough? DEFINITELY.

I spend a lot of time bagging on this team when they deserve it, tonight they deserve a pat on the back. I hate that you gave up that many points to a garbage team oh Lions of mine, but you got the “W” and, like I always say, there are 2 things: “w’s” and “L’s” .. We got the W

Lions, you showed character, you showed toughness, you never gave up and for the first time in like 8 years, your draft picks are making an immediate impact. Fine job, congrats on the win, let’s aim for one more. Take one we’re not supposed to take. embarrass someone that is better than us on paper; I’ll settle for 3 wins, but I EXPECT .500 next season.

Go Lions. Good job this week.

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