SideLionReport Podcast; Coming of a Minnesota Vikings Whoopin' and Looking To The Cleveland Browns

There just wasn’t much to talk about this week.

The most compelling report was the injury report… There were a lot of them.

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That said, beating Cleveland is our only hope to keep out of drafting top three. We need this win. BAD. We can’t afford another bloated contract for an unproven rookie. We need the Browns, the Buccs and the Rams picking ahead of us.

The other thing that has caught my interest this week is the Bears loss to the 49ers. With the Vikings exceedingly far ahead in the NFC North and the wild card competition fierce, the seat must be getting hot for Lovie Smith and Jay Cutler, a guy for whom they gave up a LOT for. How is that going to play out with their aging defense?

On 97.1 they were talking about trading Calvin Johnson… if a team like the Giants is willing to give up a 1st and 3rd plus a 2nd string defensive tackle, I say do it. The Giants are on the ropes as of late, they need an infusion desperately and the Lions are so dismal that we need a shot at getting new young bodies on our squad.

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Show Notes:

In any event, this is a short one. Amber is out right now, personal business stuff and the other girl I had to sub bailed on me. SO… its just 8 minutes of me. I’ll get better, promise.

Music is the new Weezer, “The Girl Got Hot” off of Raditude

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