Detroit Lions Are Going To Seattle To Face The Seahawks... Should I Bother Making a Prediction?

We’ll get to see Curry in action, that will prove interesting to say the least.

I can’t say much about the Seahawks, I haven’t watched them play yet. I know they just cut ‘edge; We kind of knew he was spent though, didn’t we?

If I’m not mistaken, the track record for the Detroit Lions on the west coast is slightly worse than abysmal, something like they’ve won twice in 20 some years. One was against the Raiders… the other one I think Barry was still on the team.

So odds are they aren’t going to win. Not just because of the streak, but because they just aren’t very good. It has been said that Calvin will play and that is a BIG BIG plus; if Stafford can connect with Calvin (REUNITED AND IT FEELS SOoooo GOOOoooood) and make first downs happened and turn red zone appearances into touchdowns, we could win. That’s obvious though. I would like to see coach Schwartz get his first road win, I just don’t think it will happen today.

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