After a Bizarro World 1st Quarter, Reality Cross Checks Us Into the Boards as The Seattle Seahawks Dismantle A Detroit Lions Early Lead to Win 32 - 20

The Fist Quarter was absolute bizarro world. The Lions came prepared and played viciously fierce, turning a bounced field goal into a Delmas pick on Defense and a one handed Bryant Johnson touchdown catch. Was this my team? Was this real? Here we are on the road in the West Coast, a place where we never win, and we come out of the gate strong, handing Seattle their ass on a platter.

Ahhhh… Reality.

Sobering and bitter to the taste.

Matt Stafford went from Joe Montana to Joe Harrington from the 2nd quarter on. 5 picks. Yikes! Calvin Johnson made it to the last 6 minutes with merely one grab. For what it’s worth, Pettigrew finally looked a little bit like someone you would spend your first rounder on.

Stafford’s accuracy was pretty dead on in the first quarter and just plain dead for the rest of the game. I noticed a lot of yardage left on the field as receivers were constantly extending their bodies behind the direction they were going as Stafford’s passes were finding their way below and behind them.

On the final drive, I felt that pick six coming. Stafford kept going to Fitzsimmons who was barely coming down with those messy passes and then Matt got lucky with that terrible throw to the Calvin/Pettigrew pipeline, both being covered and how Seattle didn’t get it that time, I don’t know… lucky bounce I guess. The next pass was just an ugly pass and a pick six ensues, thanks for coming out good to see you good luck next week.

Next Week: On The Road To Visit the Minnesota Murder Machine.

I’m sure that will end well.

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