Too Much Cheese and Beer Last Night... Detroit Lions Lose in Packer Country Yet Again

The Lions haven’t won in Lambeau in like 17 years.

People have sired children in the early 90’s, and right now that kid is looking at colleges and the Lions have not won one in Green Bay in that kids lifetime.

There is a bitter combination of Lions banged up and not being that good to begin with and the Packers coming off of a weeks rest and throttling in that homefield advantage.

At least we didn’t look as bad as the Titans? That’s all I’ve got.

Oh, and Culpepper sucks.
You heard me Culpepper defense force, he sucks and you saw it with your own eyes. Starting him would yield nothing, or season is over at 1-5, winless in our division. 3 wins is looking pretty realistic and the goal should be starting Stanton until Stafford is healthy so the rookie can get some more game experience.

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should we try to do a live cast? would anyone be remotely interested in it? Does anyone even listen as it is?

Enjoy the Monday Night Game tonight.

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