Lions Lose to the Pittsburg Steelers... There's No Such Thing As a Pretty Loss, But I Think The Lions Should Be Commended.

The Detroit Lions played their asses off and hung in there for quite a while against a team that is much better than them. They showed a toughness that we haven’t seen in quite a while and they did it minus our best receiver and arguably best player.


Culpepper, well he’s just awful. For everything he did right, he did 2 things wrong. That meatball of an interception at the end of the 3rd; Most importantly not getting rid of the ball and losing the opportunity to get the game tied up. I mean, 2 sacks in a row, same guy? Really? REALLY? Get in the game, you’re supposed to be a veteran. Change the play. Get rid of the ball faster. DO SOMETHING THAT INVOLVES NOT LEAVING YOURSELF 3RD AND 32.

Our tackling sucked too. Not to really take away from the Steelers, they smash the ball up and down the field but you can’t miss a guy when you make contact, it makes for big plays and big scores.


The other primary issue was red zone execution. I loved that they nurtured an 8 minute drive, but to come up with nothing is just inexcusable (ZOMG J Hanson missed one, first miss in 20 attempts; I think the last miss was in Chicago, wasn’t it? The wind was blowing kicks 15-20 yards off target). Even had he made it, when you’re up against a formidable opponent like the Steelers, you’ve got to punch it in; Settling will get you an L on your score sheet.

I’ll be checking the presser on the radio this afternoon to see what’s going on with our main man Calvin. I’m looking to hook up Chris from our Steelers portal and we’re going to see if they are ringing the alarm in steel city. yeah, 3-2 is over .500 but they’ve certainly felt the pinch of not having Polamalu on the field.

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